We are Temporary - Signing

March 7, 2017

A warm welcome to We Are Temporary (Brooklyn) We Are Temporary draws from a wide future wave, witch house, dream pop, goth, post-rock, industrial, hip hop, ambient, techno, and classical music.

Thank you also for your great words:

"Over the past year I’ve gotten to know almost the entire KTF team, and what I just love about working with them is that every team member there is just so professional and knowledgeable, but also just really kind and easy going. They’re just really darling individuals, who not only approach their jobs with a deep sense of responsibility towards the company and the artists they represent, but who are also so genuinely enthusiastic about the music their artists create. The fact that KTF are true music fans, who care deeply about doing right by their artists, is so important to me—not only do I feel supported, safe, and cared for, but they also make everything so effortless and joyful. I’m just very grateful to be part of their family!!"